Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Just In

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – GOP strategist Karl Rove won't let up in his attacks on Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, but the intriguing question is why. -- Aug 20, 2007.
Having pointed out her high negative ratings among the electorate, Rove brutally called Clinton a "fatally flawed candidate."
Rove isn't the only person to attempt to hurt Clinton by hurling devasting truths in her general direction.
Associated Press political reporter Ron Fournier, a veteran of many presidential elections, also went after the former First Lady with a viciousness rarely scene outside of Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels or Republican tupperware parties.
"A candidate's unfavorability scores almost always climb during campaigns," Fournier said as he repeatedly punched Mrs. Clinton in the stomach. "If the pattern holds, Clinton has a historically high hurdle to overcome."
Earlier this year, Markos Moulitsas, editor of the liberal political blog, the Daily Kos, widely read by Democratic party activists, hissed venom directly into Mrs. Clinton's face. He slimeily pointed out Democrats were increasingly concerned whether Hillary would hurt the party's other candidates in competitive congressional battleground races if she led the party's ticket.
"Hillary would be a drag on races lower on the ballot," Moulitsas said, as he ripped one of her ears off and casually tossed it into a nearby aquarium. "In fact, her potential nomination is already creating all sorts of headaches for Senate and House recruitment efforts in tough states and districts," he spewed. "This is a dynamic not at play with any of the other serious candidates," he crowed, as Mrs. Clinton ear was devoured by Mr. Kos' goldfish.
Writing in the National Journal late last month, reporter Marc Ambinder joined the Clinton hatefest.
"Some Democrats fret about state legislators in marginal districts" if Hillary is the nominee. "And several freshman members of Congress have told their political consultants they're not quite sure what impact Clinton will have," he wrote while throwing darts at a recent photo of the Democratic front-runner taped to his bathroom door.
"People are concerned about her unfavorables, but I think it is way too early to use that as an indicator of what is going to happen in November should she become the nominee," said Bud Jackson, a Democratic media campaign adviser, who admits to hating Clinton with a passion he's says makes Karl Rove look like a sweet, furry little bunny. "Right now these polls are based on what people have already lived through with Hillary Clinton as first lady. It's going to be different when she is standing up as the candidate as opposed to first lady," said Mr. Jackson. He paused for two seconds, then shouted the word, "NOT!"
Asked about all the hate being directed at Sen. Clinton world-wide, a spokesperson for her campaign who asked not to be identified, said "Hey, we know how they feel. There isn't one of us who doesn't loathe her to the core of our beings. And we're working our asses off to get her elected. Go figure."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who wants a woman as President anyway? She might just bring all of that female thinking into the White House--no, not new dishware or tell-all stories in magazines only stay-at-home moms buy where she reveals that she actually uses Covergirl makeup. She may just have the audacity to call for real change in Washington. (can she do that??...) She may just think there's something awry in our healthcare system (that chunk of each of our salaries that we couldn't possible use to buy gas or groceries or something). As a parent, she may express through some sort of hairbrained, concrete legislation her misled fears that No Child Left Behind puts a little too much pressure on our children to achieve at earlier ages rather than to develop attitudes which might instill a lifelong love of learning. What is she Wonder Woman or something? Those female politicians, didn't they watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? There were only males in the whatever-it-was-called rocket thing. Honestly, I'd throw her ear to a goldfish too...

August 28, 2007 at 3:19 PM 

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