Monday, December 10, 2007

The Evel That Men Do

In honor of Evel Knievel, I heard this story over the weekend from a friend who personally knew one of the players involved.

A golfer known to be a welsher by some of his fellow, high-rolling club members, happened to be at the course one day when Evel Knievel was invited out to play.

The welsher, who was also a loud mouth, was sitting at the same table of eight trying to get a game up. Understandably there were no takers.

The welsher wouldn't relent.

"Ah, come on," he said and looked at Evel. "How about we play for $1,000 a side."

The old daredevil shook his head.

"No thanks," he said politely.

Frustrated, the welsher blurted, "What are ya', chicken?"

Evel stood up, reached into his pocket, pulled out a switch-blade and threw it into the middle of the wooden table. It hit, point first, and stuck, wobbling back and forth.

As the rest of the players leaned back from the table, Evel leaned in.

"How 'bout we play for fingers," he said.

Evel Knievel was an American original. Dead at 69.


UPDATE: If that's a true story, it wasn't the first time. (Just keep scrolling.)


Anonymous e said...

I heard a funny story about Evel getting arrested for beating up a guy, with a baseball bat, who wrote a slanderous story about him. He got convicted and the Judge gave him an opportunity to speak. Showing no remorse, he vowed to go after the guy again when he was released. As soon as he got out, true to his word, he went after the guy again and got arrested again.

December 10, 2007 at 10:51 PM 

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