Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Stunt, Not a Protest

Turns out the "Iron My Shirt" guys at the Hillary event were part of a sophomoric radio stunt.

They were not "plants" of the campaign. But neither were they real anti-female protesters. The whole thing was an adolescent goof that allowed Hillary to look good and remind her base that sexism was alive and well.

As radio stunts go, it wasn't nearly as good as Stuttering John asking former Bill Clinton mistress Gennnifer Flowers whether she planned on sleeping with any of the other candidates.

Both worked to the advantage of the Clintons but the first was actually funny, the second, not so much.


Anonymous e said...

I have gotten several emails over the years with those guys at womans rights rallies standing next to women with pro feminism posters and the have their "Iron my shirt" poster up with perfect timing for the picture. All the woman are smiling. I know that it's wrong but I think it's funny. I think it's funny because they aren't doing it to be sexist as Hillary suggests, so much as they are trying to get a rise out of people using a hot button topic, such as sexism. And it worked, they got the desired reaction.

January 11, 2008 at 2:17 PM 

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