Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BAM BAM Won't Work on Obama

If Republicans are going to defeat Obama in the fall, it will only be through a death of a thousand (surgical) cuts, not by pounding him with a giant sledge hammer.

So says Tony Blankley.

Looks like pretty good advice.


Anonymous steve mcdonald said...

You want a scare? Check out the Senatorial Rankings of the last Senate over at's website:

I'm not going to extol the virtues of Bush, either, as I'm sure those several advocate groups would rate him as conservative as possible if they don't already do (didn't bother looking it up, sorry).

This country needs someone who's more moderate that will be able to work with both sides to get things done in the next four years. We've had eight years of blue/red battles and I'm tired.

Yes, the rankings alone shouldn't tell the true tale of an individual, but if anything, they are unison in grading the three Senators along the political spectrum. My interpretation is that John McCain's the one who will most likely reach across the aisle if elected.

February 27, 2008 at 1:43 PM 

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