Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Speech Fight in Canada

A rather amazing story out of Canada that shows the absolute banality and perniciousness of so-called Human Rights Commissions.

Ezra Levant a writer and publisher, published the famous Danish Mohammed cartoons two years ago.

He has now been hauled before this government star chamber on the charge of being insufficently sensitive to the feelings of fascist Muslims throughout Canada.

But like our own Joey Vento, Levant has turned the tables on the HRC, accurately calling them illiberal thugs and menaces to free speech and free thought in the Great White North.

He videotaped his own inquisition by a bumbling bureaucrat and posted the interview on You Tube. Hundreds of thousands of people have watched it and are cheering Levant's aggressive and brilliant defense of free speech for all people.

The public backlash could see the entire Human Right Commission apparatus collapse in Canada.

Just like my friend, Penn Professor Alan Kors who led the fight to banish speech codes and PC thought crimes from college campuses in the 1990s (remember the "Water Buffalo" case?) so Levant is working to embarrass and demoralize government censors in his country. It's already working. His own inquisitor has quit after the shellacking she took at Levant's hearing.

It helped that others joined Levant's fight, which continues.

Watch the interview here.

It's comes in about 9 parts, but it's worth every minute.


Anonymous randal said...

Touchy-feely, “sensitive” Lib PC should never be permitted to trump free speech.
And the Libs who would see this happen are the same ones that are first to weep about “Bush trampling the Constitution!” Lol…

“I advocate a complete separation of Liberalism and State.” ~Me

February 19, 2008 at 9:45 AM 

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