Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The "I Have A Disease" Defense

My print column on the sentencing of Ridley's Carol Ackley is up.

In court yesterday, I asked my colleague Marlene DiGiacomo why all these recent embezzlers -- n Ridley, Lansdowne, Chester Township, etc. -- seem to be women.

"They're underpaid," Marlene smiled.

Nothing funny about Ackley's sentence, though. She got 4 to 20 years.

I wonder if she and her lawyer had focused less on her "gambling addiction" and more on her apology and taking personal responsibilty for her thievery, the judge might have been more impressed and considered a slightly lesser sentence.

Probably not. But at least she could have gone to the slammer with a little more dignity.


Anonymous randal said...

Good for this judge.
The medical community lobbied long and hard to get people’s habits and poor personal choices designated as “diseases”, when they clearly are not, just so they could get paid to treat these “diseases”. In addition to the increased medical care delivery costs burden, one of the unintended consequences of this charade has been the death of personal responsibility and accountability for our own behavior and choices and a rise in using these “illnesses” as excuses for bad behavior and poor decisions.

Alcoholism? Gambling addiction? Gimme a break. Those aren’t diseases; they’re just strong desires of weak people. Such grasping defenses should be barred from courtrooms.

Not too many true diseases can be cured by simply saying No and making another choice. The easiest way to determine if something is truly a “disease” is to apply the Deserted Island Principle…

And slimy Lib lawyers are all too eager to exploit this medically backed dearth of common sense and personal responsibility as a defense for all sorts of evils. Everyone’s a helpless “victim” somehow …that often deserve compen$ation… for 30% of the take, of course.

These slimy Lib efforts are a whole lot more underhanded than them “evil and greedy” capitalist Righties we’re always hearing about.
Once again we see the harmful effects of misguided backward Liberalism.

March 28, 2008 at 10:10 AM 

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