Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Painful Truth

Rupert Murdoch pens a very sensible piece on the fraying of the NATO alliance.

Money Q:

"We must face up to a painful truth: Europe no longer has either the political will or social culture to support military engagements in defense of itself and its allies. However strong NATO may be on paper, this fact makes NATO weak in practice. It also means that reform will not come from within."

The supposedly right-wing Murdoch is a fan of Hillary Clinton's (He hosted a fundraiser for her back in 2006.) Which means, I guess, he's either crazy or she can't be all bad.


Anonymous randal said...

Europe has been Libbed nearly to death. Militarily it started post WWII when Lib Academic “intellectuals” were appalled by the barbaric notion of a country defending itself with violence. And they set about changing that, which resulted in a vast demilitarizing (some call this the cowardization of Europe). Also since then their Lib social policies have led them down the path of PC, Socialism, gun-grabbing and limiting free speech, and they are seeing the resulting curse of being overrun by Muslims with no loyalty to Europe.
We can expect similar results if we grant our elitist LibDems more power by voting for them to run things here. For our U.S. Liberals see Europe as their beloved model for what they would like to do to this country.
Fortunately, European folks have awakened to the harmful feel-good BS lies of Libism and have been kicking it to the curb, a trend that has spread across the globe. Although lately they have enjoyed a resurgence here in the States. Just look at the Far Left Radical Liberals that are running for the Presidency right now. Seizing power by lying to the electorate with hollow feel-good platitudes is the only chance these Marxist Libs have to inflict their Radical Lib Agenda on our resistant country.
Don’t believe me? Recall how every radical whacko far Liberal fridge group came out of the woodwork looking to have their pet causes and agendas implemented by their buddies in power immediately following the Democrats taking control of Congress.
Wake up, folks. Even Europe has had enough of the harmful failed polices of Liberalism.
Clearly not all “change” is good.

April 22, 2008 at 11:42 AM 

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