Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Report, You Decide

WaPo's Dana Milbank suggests that Obama was somehow mistreated by the nation's newspaper editors the other day:

He wrote:

"So much for the liberal media.

"John McCain and Barack Obama both appeared before the nation's newspaper editors yesterday. The putative Republican presidential nominee was given a box of doughnuts and a standing ovation. The likely Democratic nominee was likened to a terrorist.

"At a luncheon for the editors hosted by the Associated Press, AP Chairman Dean Singleton quizzed Obama about whether he would send more troops to Afghanistan, where "Obama bin Laden is still at large?"

"I think that was Osama bin Laden," the candidate answered.

"If I did that, I'm so sorry!" Singleton said.

"This," Obama told the editors, is "part of the exercise that I've been going through over the last 15 months."

Milbank quips: "Bitter, are we?"

Maybe this is Milbank's idea of a joke. But I watched the snippet provided by Fox News. Not only did Obama handle the gaffe by Singleton with grace and humor, the newspaper editors laughed and applauded his reply. Especially after he added (I'm quoting from memory) "It's amazing I'm still standing here."

There wasn't a bit of bitterness in Obama's tone. He was very good and the newspaper editors appreciated it. Maybe Milbank was seated too far away from the action.


Anonymous randal said...

"So much for the liberal media.

Libs are forever attempting to dispel as a myth the notion that the Liberal Media is Lib. They’ll grasp at every rare scrap moment when the Lib Media isn’t being so Lib and claim this is some proof of a Right bias. In their grasping efforts they sometimes even refer to it as a Right-wing Media. Lol…
There is no question that the American Media is overwhelmingly and underhandedly, calculatingly Far Liberal. The debate is over. Because there never was any debate other than the disingenuous efforts of Lib operatives.
Here, one time Obama is grilled and this Lib dismisses the Media of being Lib. Never mind that throughout this entire election season these very same Libs have been protecting their anointed Black Candidate.
And just yesterday McCain got hit with real question on Hardball when O got lobbed softball questions during his appearance on the show.

"This," Obama told the editors, is "part of the exercise that I've been going through over the last 15 months."
Poor B. Hussein Osama, always the victim …because he’s black …and Muslim…

April 16, 2008 at 9:49 AM 

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