Friday, August 15, 2008

How The West Was Lost

On Georgia, Gerard Baker gives it to (his side) the West but good.

Money Q:

Once again, the Europeans, and their friends in the pusillanimous wing of the US Left, have demonstrated that, when it come to those postmodern Olympian sports of synchronized self-loathing, team hand-wringing and lightweight posturing, they know how to sweep gold, silver and bronze.

There's a routine now whenever some unspeakable act of aggression is visited upon us or our allies by murderous fanatics or authoritarian regimes. While the enemy takes a victory lap, we compete in a shameful medley relay of apologetics, defeatism and surrender.

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Anonymous r said...

Why does anyone listen to the dopey Lib Hate America First Defeatocrats? They’re ever overcome with guilt and stuck in the old French ‘surrender to everyone’ cowardly, treasonous mindset. Gimme a warmonger that wants to keep us safe any day over that mess.

August 15, 2008 at 12:33 PM 
Anonymous randal said...

This reminds me, I recently saw a political cartoon which showed Uncle Sam committing suicide by putting a pistol in his mouth. Along the barrel of the gun was written “Liberalism” and there was a finger on the trigger on which was written “Islam”.

A more accurate image one will never find.

Lib misplaced feelings and misplaced sympathies and misplaced loyalties and misplaced disdain combined with their cowardice and treason and political correctness when it comes to waging war, all which directly aids our enemies, will be the downfall of America if it is permitted to do so.
Many question just whose side the Left is really on. It’s a very reasonable question once one considers all they have done to impede, obstruct and undermine our President’s efforts to keep us safe in these war on terror times.
Long ago they said they’d defeat America from within without firing a single shot. It seems they have grown impatient with just brainwashing the masses with their anti-America movies, college “education” and slanted “news” and harmful to America policies and have resorted to directly helping our enemies bring us down.

Wake up, folks, you’re about to elect as our next president the very worst Radical Liberal the anti-America Left could come up with, based on nothing more than slickly packaged hollow platitudes and Lib guilt over our racial past.

August 15, 2008 at 12:51 PM 

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