Thursday, September 11, 2008

Punch Plagiarizing Politicians

Tom Smith takes a wrecking ball to Jeffrey Rosen's sycophantic puff piece on the constitutional-scholar ticket of Biden and Obama.

But something jumped out at me from Rosen's piece. He quotes Biden from Biden's own autobiography and offers commentary.

From Rosen's piece:

""The one thing my mother could not stand was meanness," Biden writes. "She once shipped my brother off with instructions to bloody the nose of a kid who was picking on smaller kids. ... Religious figures and authority figures got no exemption. They abuse their power, you bloody their nose..."

"This visceral distaste for abuses of power has undergirded his passionate defense of the right to privacy. Call it the blue-collar view of civil liberties: You defend the little guy against the bullying intrusions of government."

What is so interesting about this is that Biden in his acceptence speech said that it was HE who his mother sent out to bloody the nose of the bullies.

"Joey, go bloody their nose so that you can walk down the street." Biden quoted his mother.

Odd isn't it that in his own autobiography, Biden said that "once" his mother sent his "brother" off to fight the bullies, but didn't mention her sending HIM.

Spencerblog didn't read Biden's book so maybe Rosen left out the part about Joey Biden punching the bullies in their noses but that would be odd.

Is this another case of Joe Biden appropriating biographical material from another person's life to puff himself up?

Sure sounds like it.

Biden may have a visceral distaste for the bullying intrusions of government. But he obviously doesn't have a visceral distaste for plagiarism. And still doesn't.


Anonymous r said...

GASP! A Liberal Democrat that is also a liar?! Call the newspapers!

I heard Joe came under sniper fire when he walked down that street as a kid.

September 12, 2008 at 11:19 AM 

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