Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Bevy of Arunkumars

Rose Quinn's update on the murder of 55-year-old Arunkumar Ingle is interesting to say the least.

Ingle's daughter and son, who both share his first name as their middlename, have been charged with many counts of violating wiretap law and illegally incepting his e-mails.

However, Ingle's murder goes unsolved.

The reported motive for the children, who are in their 20s, for their three years of spying on their father was their suspicion that he was cheating on their mother. The two reportedly told investigators that they even once followed their father and caught him with another woman.

The Daily Times has been told that Ingle Sr., a Boeing engineer, was planning a trip back to India by himself shortly before he was beaten and stabbed to death in the Middletown home he shared with his wife.

It would seem unusual for a man's grown children to involve themselves so intimately (and illegally) in his personal life.

The investigation into Ingle's death is 11 months old and continues.


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