Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's to Making It Worse

Holman Jenkins says "get ready for a lost decade."

Money Q:

"But once prosperity blows up, the quasi-virtuous policy circle becomes an unvirtuous one as new interest groups come to the fore to exploit an appetite, previously weak, to impose their costly or vindictive wish lists. And even well-meaning policy gets twisted and rendered incoherent."


Anonymous Bob said...

Twisted and rendered incoherent? What could be more twisted and incoherent than that paragraph? He writes like Victoria Donahue.

This situation is so complex and complicated, that I don't believe anyone knows for certain what the solution is. Watch 100 different analysts, and get 100 different suggestions. What I do know for certain is that its starting to hit very close to home. I personaly know people who are on the verge of loosing their homes. Who have had to seek the help of friends to make it through Christmas. One friend told me that he found his oldest son crying in bed because he was afraid he would have no place to live. If I'm right about this, the columnist was telling us that we need to be a kinder, gentler nation when it comes to dealing with big business. Less regulation. Repackaging the trickle down theory. Like letting the banking industry use the bailout money without oversight? Like bailing out the auto industry without forcingt them to make cars that will smoke the competitions MPG? Less regulation. Does that make any sense?

December 24, 2008 at 10:03 AM 

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