Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If Your Mother Tells You She Loves You, Check It Out!

The Politico offers 7 reasons for "healthy skepticism" about the Obama Administration's ability to right the ship.

Only seven?


Blogger David Diano said...

The seven aren't even "healthy" criticisms:
1) Beware of smart people?
What's the alternative? Go with the dumb people? (We tried that the past 8 years.)
2) Bipartisanship is bad?
Bush and the GOP steamrolling failed partisan policies was bad. The example given of a bad bipartisan move: the Iraq War (though its clear the Democratic support was based upon Bush's false intelligence and broken promises)
The other example of the bipartisan bailout is flawed in that Paulson mismanaged it, rather than it being a bad policy.

3) We're broke? Then we shouldn't be spending money on failed military policies.
However, if your house drops in value and you want to sell it for maximum value, digging deep to do some repair and maintenance adds resale value. Even if you are staying, spending to caulk windows and adding insulation has a net savings on the heating bills.

4) Words are unimportant?
Spencer, you should quit your word-based job if you buy into this one.
Words do inspire and communicate good ideas (nothing you have any experience in)

5) Challenging the home-team?
Besides Obama's points that we are ONE American and how these old political arguments of division have no place in current politics, he's been picking some centrists and reaching out to "the other team".

6) Winging it?
Umm... that's been Bush's Iraq and economic policies. Obama's taking a serious, pragmatic approach to the problems. He's looking for solutions, not clinging to outdated ideologies.
Wake up and smell the 21st century

7) The watchdogs are dozing?
The newspapers have been hit with the rest of the economy and made cutbacks, but they are hardly "dozing".
The Bush administration muzzled the press (or put a male-escort in as a shill). The Obama administration is committed to putting public information on display in a transparent and easily accessible manner. Every citizen becomes a watchdog, meanwhile the administration itself will resume being a watchdog over the economy, environment and the food supply.

Sounds more like seven understandings by critics looking for an audience of neocon fools.

January 21, 2009 at 12:48 PM 

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