Thursday, February 26, 2009

"I'll Kill You," He Explained

An assistant principal at Academy Park High School has been CRIMINALLY charged with making terrorist threats against an 18-year-old male student for saying "I'll kill you" during an hallway argument at the school.

We have many questions about this incident.

Who reported it to police? Did the witnesses and the alleged victim believe that Mark Duncan, the 50-year-old administrator in question, was seriously threatening the young man's life? Was Duncan holding a gun at the time? A knife? A razor? Did he ever put his hands on the student?

Does Duncan have a history of shooting, beating or killing students? What did the "victim" say to Duncan that provoked such an intemperate response?

Is it not ironic that the last assistant principal in Southeast Delco to get into serious trouble, Rich Joseph, did so for allegedly saying to a student, "I love you." At least he wasn't criminally charged, just fired, only to be rehired a year later when the school decided the charges against him were baloney.

Certainly, if Duncan angrily said to a recalcitrant student, "I'll kill you," that would be cause for his bosses to have a conversation with him and maybe even bring disciplinary action.

But criminal charges? As we said, we need to know more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Richard Joseph? I heard he was re-hired but where is he?

Many parents and students love to fabricate these situations. Duncan is a good administrator who lost his cool for a brief moment.

Let's give the guy a break, he's doing a thankless job with many students who come from homes where respect, manners and right/wrong just aren't taught anymore.

February 26, 2009 at 7:42 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These certainly are sad and strange times. A fifty year old educator who has dedicated himself to the betterment of our children had a bad day. Did he assault the man-child (18 year old male)? Did he have the means and motive to carry out the threat? Based on what I have heard, NO! The true question here is what did the student do and or say to precipitate this incident. I don't know the student and I don't know the educator but I can bet the student is a problem student. He has most likely caused numerous problems during his tenure at Academy Park. I have been in law enforcement for 23 years and I have seen the behavior of students in the Philadelphia School District as they ride the subway and elevated to and from school. I have seen their viciousness. For the most part they are just kids trying to get to and from without being attacked. But there are wolves out there in kids clothing masquerading as school students. These wolves are in all of our school districts. Academy Park has it's share I am sure. Maybe the student in question is one of the wolves and not the sheep. Maybe the educator saw the wolf and had to take drastic action to protect the sheep. After all the educator in question was trained and hired to Shepard our children to protect our sheep. I hope that the magistrate who hears this case sees it for that and dismisses the case. I hope the school district uses their better judgment and handles this for what it is, an employee who used poor judgment when he was doing his job protecting our sheep. God bless our teachers.

February 26, 2009 at 12:47 PM 
Blogger Hall Monitor said...

This story made ! Check it out for all the wild stories like this from our schools.

February 26, 2009 at 8:12 PM 

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