Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night

Slumdog Millionaire wins Best Picture. (Good, we liked it a lot.)

Kate Winslet wins for The Reader. (Fine. Didn't see it, sounds overwrought. But Winslet is a great actress and she gets naked a lot.)

Sean Penn wins for Milk. (We were rooting for Mickey but fine. Penn's a great actor. And what would the Oscars be without a lecture?)

Danny Boyle wins Best Director. (Good. After all, he directed the Best Picture.)

Penlope Cruz wins Best Supporting Actress. (She was good in a mediocre Woody Allen movie.)

The late Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting Actor. (Good. His Joker put Jack's to shame.)

Drudge is reporting that the night was marred by a lack of stars. We barely noticed.


Blogger steve mcdonald said...

you're about the 4th or 5th to mention how much you liked slumdog millionaire - I'm looking forward to seeing it soon and it sounds as if the academy got it right this year. I still would have liked to have seen Dark Knight get a nomination - it may have not deserved best picture, but a nomination would have been appropriate. Same for Wall-E - incredible film by Pixar.

Despite his Sarandon-esque personality - you can't debate the abilities of Sean Penn as an actor. The man's good at what he does, although I'll still call Spicoli his greatest role to date!

What was the deal with past winners on stage fluffing the nominees in that strange Hollywood club elbow rubbing scenario we were forced to be witness to? Kinda made me sick, except when Nicole Kidman spoke - she can say anything about anyone and I'll agree!

February 23, 2009 at 8:56 AM 
Anonymous BJ said...

I liked almost all of the changes to the Oscars this year. I thought Hugh Jackman was a great emcee, far better than most. I particularly enjoyed his opening number, and I appreciated the sincere sentiment from everyone. Fun and uplifting. ... I also thought the academy seemed to get it right on all of the major awards.

The only thing I could have done without was the cheesey musical number that was supposed to let us know the "Musical is back!" Not so much.

February 23, 2009 at 10:47 PM 

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