Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bedtime for Barney

Barney Frank debates the unseasoned Rep. Michelle Bachmann on the taxpayer funding of ACORN... and loses.

Bachmann proposed an amendment cutting off federal funds for organizations that commit voter fraud. Frank voted for it without paying attention to who it would affect - in this case a partisan get out the Democratic vote machine - now he wants a do-over.

"It was after a very long session, Lou."

Aww, does the congressman want a pillow for his head?

Lou Dobbs weighs in with a most pertinent question: Why are taxpayer funds going to partisan non-profits in the first place when government already spends billions on such programs?

Also notice how the amazingly arrogant Frank tries to bully the unflappable Bachmann with his Please DON'T interrupt me, Michelles. Especially late (just past the 9 minute mark) even when it's Lou Dobbs who attempts to interrupt the filibustering Barney.

With Pelosi and Frank as the faces and mouthpieces of the angry and accusatory Democrat party even bumbling Repubicans have to be happy.


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