Friday, May 1, 2009

For the GOP, No Time To Panic

With the "loss" of Arlen Specter, Kim Strassel explains what the GOP must do to get its mojo back. And it has nothing to do with becoming more like big spending Democrats.

Money Q:
With a popular president now branding the GOP as the "party of no," there will be a strong Republican temptation to cut deals on health-care or energy, hoping to get credit for bipartisanship, or for making policies less bad. But the GOP will never win running as a less enthusiastic version of big-government Democrats. Washington votes are the only way for congressional Republicans to actually demonstrate a philosophy to voters, and it is here the party must reclaim its mantle of the party of limited government and entrepreneurship.

Sounds about right.
It's not as if the Democrats are suddenly the party of new and great ideas. They are reaching back to 1933 and 1965. Much bigger government, more money for welfare, more redistribution of income and higher taxes. When that all sinks in, the center will shift again.


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