Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Very Funny Dave

Cynthia Yockey is one angry lesbian. Her goal is to get David Letterman fired for his crass joke about Sarah Palin's daughter. I doubt she'll succeed but I admire her righteous anger and toughness.

UPDATE: Here's Letterman's apology.

Somehow, I don't think Cindy's gonna buy it.


Anonymous jake said...

The Reclusive Leftist blog had this to say about Letterman, "The haters don't care about Palin's political positions. They're driven by some inchoate impulse to crucify the woman herself. To rape her with words."
This feminist blog goes on to say, "Sexism isn't selective, and misogyny isn't something that only applies to certain women... Every joke about raping Sarah Palin or her daughter is a joke about raping you."
Governor Palin seems to invoke a visceral hate response among liberals so strong that it blinds many of them to their own hypocrisy.

June 20, 2009 at 10:56 PM 

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