Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stumbling on Asness

Cliff Asness explodes a number of myths being promulgated in the health care debate.

It's long, but informative and funny too.

A sample:
There are large groups of people in this country who want socialized medicine and they sense that the stars are aligning, and now is their time to succeed. They rarely call it socialized medicine, but instead "single payer health care" or "universal coverage" or something that their public relations people have told them sounds better. Whatever they call it, they believe (or pretend to believe) a lot of wrong‑headed things, and they must be stopped. Step one is understanding how and why they are wrong. Step two is kicking their asses back to Cuba where they can get in line with Michael Moore for their free gastric bypasses.
They have free gastric bypasses in Cuba? No wonder we haven't seen the Surgeon General designate lately.


Anonymous Minky said...

Since hardly anyone knows what is in Universal Heath care package, it is difficult to be for it or against it---well maybe it's over all cost. There is one thing that should be mentioned. If you are a senior or plan on becoming one, than listen up. The following is in the Universal Health Care bill, "Forced euthanasia connseling sessions for the elderly every five years". Now theres something to look forward too when retiring

July 24, 2009 at 4:53 PM 

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