Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ed Rendell Misinformed Misinforms

I'm watching Ed Rendell on ABC's This Week claiming that thanks to Obamacare insurance companies can no longer decline to cover children with pre-existing conditions.

Except, the Democrats were so busy twisting arms and bribing their own members to vote for this unpopular bill they FORGOT to include the provision and make it operative. Oh well, most insurance companies will be cover such children anyway even though it isn't the law of the land.

I watched Rendell on film last night explaining why it was important for his friends and political patrons to move $25 billion worth of art from the Barnes Foundation in Merion to Philadelphia, a city where the police can't protect its citizens from "flash mobs" of rioting "children."

Here's an idea, just sell the Barnes collection to the highest private bidders. That will fund healthcare for children in this country... for about three months.


Blogger steve mcdonald said...

that shot on the police wasn't right. The combination of Ramsey's regime and police cameras throughout the city have been a great improvement in the safety of Philadelphia. In addition, people throughout the city received a warning about a potential flash mob at 40th & market this week - guess what was averted? These types of flash mobs are a new phenomenon - they're not the harmless pranks you'd hear about earlier last decade (e.g Times Square Toys R us, Best Buy), they're unruly, violent and difficult to track without having an any kind of inside information.
The fact that they were able to stop the one this week after only two of these occurances is impressive.
RE: Barnes - I like Franklin Parkway a lot and I love the idea of adding more art in the neighborhood to complement the art museum, rodin museum, library, franklin institute, etc, but the courts did allow the city to steal that collection. I look forward to seeing that documentary. I'll put it on my list right after "Shame of a City" - its about John Street's reelection.

March 28, 2010 at 1:10 PM 

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