Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hating Arizona? Si, si, Senor!

Frank J. has a random thought:
So the Mexican president attacks the Arizona law and gets a standing ovation from the Democrats in Congress. Is it just me, or is that really perverse? They’re standing up for a leader of a frenemy nation at the expense of an American state (and the large majorities of Americans who support the law). I doubt many put much thought in it — they probably just went, “Here’s a chance to mindlessly pander to Latinos!” — but this just all seems like one of the problems of having a Congress where most people don’t like America. Or maybe they like America, but it’s not really high on their lists of things they like.

The proper response to the Mexican president coming to America to attack one of our states would be for someone — preferably someone in a cowboy hat — to silently march up to Calderon and lift him up by the back of his collar and belt and carry him all the way to the border to Mexico then toss him in the river there, saying, “And don’t come back until you learn some manners.”


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