Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's Drum Up Some Drama Over Kagen

Posted by Undercover Corporate Titan

Let's face it; the President has the right to appoint individuals to the Supreme Court.  The Senate advises and consents.  No fair-minded person wants this to be a political tussle everytime a vacancy opens up.  Yes, I know the Democrats ganged up on poor Robert Bork for no good reason, but do we really want that to set the standard?
Elena Kagen is a well-regarded, smart woman who formerly served as Supreme Court clerk for Thurgood Marshall, when he was in his dotage.  She will be a reliable vote for the liberal wing on virtually any type of matter reaching the Court.  It is probably too much to ask that she be part of a principled opposition.  Unless, of course, "empathy" has become a legal principle when I was not looking.
The Supreme Court has to be fully staffed to carry out its primary mission (which is reversing the 9th Circuit every chance it gets).  I suggest we get right to the confirmation, eschewing the bipartisan effort to raise political contributions to derail/push through the nomination.  Maybe we could use this time to look into why we don't use the stone from "Lost" to plug the BP oilwell.


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