Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Cracks Are Showing

Posted by parallel

Israel can no longer play the resistance to Russia in the M.E. card and America is going broke, so one would think it was time for Israel to start being more careful. Instead, Israel kicks America in the butt with stupidities like announcing the latest housing expansion while V.P. Biden is actually visiting them. Makes an ass of itself at the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) conference when all 189 treaty states, including America, urged Israel to sign the NPT. Israel’s policy of ambiguity was already shot by the revelation that its President Shimon Peres was the one who offered S. Africa nukes and now the London Times report Israel is positioning three German built submarines in the Persian Gulf, with nuclear tipped cruise missiles that can reach any part of Iran. A bit difficult to keep up the pretense of ambiguity but I’m sure Congress will play along.

If nothing else, this highlights America’s double standard about nuclear power in the Middle East. According to law, America is not allowed to provide aid to countries like Israel that make WMD and we all know America is a country of laws: our politicians and Fox News keep repeating it. Instead we allow Israel to take our nuclear technology, provide them with advanced weapons and $5 billion/year: 3 billion in direct aid and another 2 billion off the books. We accuse Iran of developing nuclear weapons, without any proof, when in fact they are in compliance with the NPT. It is likely that AIPAC told Congress to do this.

Israel’s propaganda machine is certainly active. AP had a reporter on one of Israel’s warships that attacked the aid convoy sailing for Gaza. Wonder why he didn’t mention the commandos were from an elite group specializing in breaking up riots in prisons. You may not have seen the internal propaganda piece about how good things are in Gaza, showing the inside of a luxurious restaurant; but it was rather spoilt by showing Abbas there, who hadn’t visited Gaza since 2006, and a Palestinian who had been dead for ages. They don’t have much more success with their minions paid to counter any criticism of Israel on the blogs. Most of what they write is unbelievable because they try to show that black is white. I see Israel is now blaming the passengers on the Gaza flotilla for their own deaths. I wonder what the commandos were doing on that ship in international waters.


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