Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Desperation Time

My attorney's analysis:

Well, The Flyers are going to have a hard time winning the game with only one line. They only have one line with any scoring ability... Briere, Hartnel and Leino, that's putting only semblence of offensive pressure. Obviously the Blackhawks both in style of play and possession, they carried the play. The flyers are just one step behind almost everything and Chicago is all over it.

Leighton had no shot at that last goal. It was a deflection. The one goal went through the five hole, that was a little weak.
Other than that he's been pretty strong.

No offensive pressure except for one line. Laviolette is trying to mix and match some of his players
unless they can put some sustained pressure they're not going to have a shot. They're goign to have to take some chances which can be dangerous against a team as good at Chicago.

The next goal is everything. If they Flyers don't get the next goal they're done.

The Flyers look tired. In the first four games of the series they were going after every puck. But at this point they're a step behind on everything.

In the beginning of the next period the Blackhawks will have 30 second power play. They've got to kill that.
They hanging on by a thread. First five minutes of the next period are huge.

I say the Flyers have had the backs against the wall before in these playoffs. Against Boston. 3-games down and down 3 goals in game 7. Against Chicago they came back from two game down to tie up the series. They are 12 and 1 at home. If they can kill this penalty and then feed of the crowd and tie up the game, I think the crowd will bring them home and they'll win it.

I know, I know. That's a lot of ifs, especially from a guy who just learned what a shot on goal is but it sounds right to me.


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