Sunday, June 6, 2010

God Bless America

[Posted by Jake]

If that wonderful duet between Kate Smith on video, and Lauren Hart live, before the Flyers Stanley Cup Game 4, didn't make your heart glad with pride, then you better check your pulse to make sure you're still topside of terra firma.

One guy who obviously didn't share that pride was Mexican president Felipe Calderone. He was here several weeks ago criticizing the Arizona law against illegal immigration, apparently much to the delight of our President and the Democrats in Congress. If the sight of those elected turds applauding his hypocritical pandering doesn't annoy you, don't worry. Barack Hussein Obama somehow managed to top that pathetic lack of class just a couple of days ago.

At the Library of Congress Gershwin award dinner, the honored guest Paul McCartney took a gratuitous cheapshot at former President Bush. Our Commander-in-Chief didn't even have the courage or integrity to challenge the musician's impertinent remark about his predecessor, "'s great to have a president who knows what a library is", despite its factual inaccuracy and general impropriety.

Libraries and literacy were special causes for President Bush and his librarian wife, Laura, both in Texas and in Washington. During Bush's presidency, federal funding for public libraries grew from $163.2 million per year to $212.2 million per year, a 30% increase. Since McCartney and the other liberal/celebrity elites continue their condescending jabs at President Bush's intelligence, I would simply ask -- who has an Ivy League MBA and who just got taken by a one-legged gold digger?

What fundamentally matters in both of these disgraceful displays is the marked absence of patriotic loyalty. Since when do we allow these foreign nationals, who have profoundly benefited from our generosity and hospitality, to come to our country and denigrate our process and leaders? Obama has got to man up and state unequivocally, that while our citizens enjoy vigorous debate over significant differences on the issues, we stand together against a world jealous and unappreciative of our American exceptionalism.

God Bless America


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