Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I call my attorney after the 1st period.

"Pronger," he said, "has two absolutely dumb penalties. He's trying to be more physical after last game. But he mugged that guy right in front of the ref. That's just stupid. Usually he's pretty smart about when he mugs people."

"Chicago totally dominated play and the Flyers are fortunate to be tie."

"The Flyers need more activity in front of their goalie, Nieme. He's not exactly Bernie Parent. If they do, he's really average goalie. And they have to do a better job forechecking.

"What's forechecking," asks Mrs. Spencerblog before I can.

"You're putting pressure or Chicago in their zone. So that they cough up a few pucks. Rather than let them get out of their zone easily. Keep the puck in front of their zone.

They didn't do it last game and they didn't do it in the first period tonight.

Chicago did a good job forechecking the Flyers. That's why the shots were 17-7 in the first period.


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