Monday, July 19, 2010

Harrah for Harrah's

Went to Harrah's yesterday for the first day of table games. The operative word: crowded. Mrs. Spencerblog and I got seats at a roulette table. The new dealers were inexperienced but friendly.

In making change for a customer one dealer knocked a player's chip from a single bet on 25, to a split bet between 25 and 28. One pays 35 to 1, the other pays 17 to 1. When the player didn't notice, I pointed out the dealer's inadvertent mistake and the chip was replaced. 25 hit, much to my and the other player's delight. But we were cleaned out on the same spin. Fortunately, we rallied at a much-less-crowded video roulette machine.

The crap tables were ridiculously packed, two and three deep in places. I happened to walk by one just as a player left and nabbed his spot at the rail, much to the unbelievable disappointment of another would-be gambler. He was so distraught and anguished, I gallantly relinquished my spot, giving him the golden opportunity to lose his money and me the chance to hang on to mine.

All in all, a pleasant couple of hours.


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