Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tebow Or Not Tebow

[Posted by Jake]

It's no secret that Tim Tebow annoys the self-righteous left and their media lap dogs. As a young man of great character, charisma and achievement, he personifies a young generation too savvy to settle for a sad and cynical world view. How can the condescending elites justify their overreaching agenda when quality people like Tim Tebow contradict their very essence?

Tebow just signed a 5 year/$11.25 million rookie contract with the Denver Broncos. He also signed a lucrative deal to represent Jockey brands. So what does the Associated Press report? They blithely announce that Tebow is endorsing "tighty whities". Funny, I don't remember any lame, racially-tinged underwear jokes when Michael Jordan signed on to pitch Hanes.

You would think a story of a deserving young man receiving his just rewards would almost write itself. He stayed loyal to his university, sticking it out for four years and getting his diploma. He never raped a groupie, been arrested for illegal drug or alcohol use, or copped a celebrity attitude.

No, his unforgiveable sin was having the courage to promote chastity and religious faith to his peers, and expressing gratitude that his parents didn't abort him as recommended by their doctors. For those high crimes, the liberal hate machine will twist and ridicule his every move. What they fail to realize is that every negative word secures a firmer place for Tim Tebow in America's heart.


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