Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Werthless Apology

Jason Werth berates a fan for catching a foul ball, that he might have caught to for the third out in the top of the 10 inning the other night against the Reds.

First of all, the fan, Patrick Boyle of Havertown, didn't do anyting wrong except not notice that Werth was trying to make a play on the ball. The ball was in the stands, not in the field of play. He caught it and made a nice bare-handed catch on it too.

Boyle says he was trying to catch the ball to protect his kid. So what if he actually wanted a souvenir from the game? The ball was his to catch.

Fans seated near the field for play should be aware that a home-team player might be able to make a play on a ball and give way, especially in an important situation in the game.

But Werth's reaction "Get out of my f------ way!" was that of a spoiled brat.

Phillies color guy Chris Wheeler not only let Werth off the hook he misreported Werth's behavior for all the world to see. On the replay Werth is shown angrily swearing at the guy in front of his kid and Wheeler reports this as "Jason asked him next time get out of the way."

Good job, Wheels.

Later Werth said he was sorry for the language he used but said he doesn't apologize for "playing hard," as if playing hard required him to scream and swear in front of fans and their kids.

It is understandable that Werth would be frustrated in being prevented from making a nice play. But his behavior was just plain lousy.

After the game, when asked it about, his first words should have been to apologize to Boyle and his son. He should seek them out and say he's sorry and that his behavior was just plain wrong.

Will he. Doubtful but we'll see.


Blogger TammyLou said...

Grow up. Like Werth is the first sports player to take a hissy fit in public? You try playing out there in that heat for 12 innings and see what your temperament is when cheated of a way off the field.

July 12, 2010 at 8:39 PM 

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