Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lentz Stonewall Continues

Democrat Bryan Lentz continues to avoid answering a direct question about his campaign being involved in collecting signatures to get a conservative spoiler on the ballot as a political ploy to siphon votes from Republican Pat Meehan. He won't answer the question because it would reveal him to be the very sort of politician he claims to abhor.

He continuously describes Meehan as the "Tea Party" candidate, which is about as accurate as someone calling Lentz the "pro-child-prostitution ACORN" candidate.

It's become apparent that Lentz is now locked into this strategy of refusing to admit the truth. Just like Joe Sestak for months refused to answer questions about who supposedly offered him a White House job to stay of Democratic primary for Senate, he finally had to answer that question for better or for worse. (Worse, actually because the allegedly job offered wasn't a job at all.)

Lentz can continue his stonewalling and evasion but every time he does he reinforces his new and growing reputation for sophistry and political cynicism.

What a shame!


Blogger Turnpike said...

If he isn't going to answer any questions, why should anyone vote for him. Does he think he is above the citizens of this great state. He must, because he feels he does have to answer to anyone.

August 12, 2010 at 9:19 PM 

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