Thursday, October 7, 2010

Philadelphia vs. Cincinnati

Last night's text message exchange between two Reds fans and Spencerblog:
Reds fan: We just wanted u guys to feel like you had a good team.

Spencerblog: The Reds did the best they could. That walk was awesome, wasnt' it?

RF: Best ever. He might enter the MVP race after that walk.

SB: Tell Kev (aka Undercover Corporate Titan), we'll root for the Reds to get a hit Friday night.

RF: Thanks, I would like 2 home games. But we might need two hits for that.
And this to the Undercover Corporate Titan who ordered an underling to make an unusual bet with Spencerblog:
Spencerblog: I fell asleep. What happened in the game?

UCT: I think Bob is trying on kilts.

SB: No pantaloons allowed.

UCT: Commando all the way.
Mr and Mrs. Spencerblog expect to attend the proceedings Friday night with UCT and his daughter. We will try to be good hosts. But this IS Philadelphia. They will wear Reds paraphenalia at their own risk.


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