Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet Mike Pence; a Real Deal Conservative

George Will sings the praises of Indiana Republican, Mike Pence, a principled conservative:
To those who say conservatives should set aside social issues and stress only economic ones, Pence replies: Economic problems are urgent, but social problems remain important in a way that blurs the distinction between social and economic issues. With the fluency of a former talk radio host, he says: "You would not be able to print enough money in a thousand years to pay for the government you would need if the traditional family continues to collapse." This is, he says, "Moynihan writ large," referring to the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan's preoccupation with out-of-wedlock births, which now are 41 percent of all American births.
Pence was one of the Republican congressman, along with our own Pat Toomey, who voted against the Medicare busting prescription drug entitlement passed under George Bush, and the only House member to vote against both Tarp I and Tarp II.

Also from the column:
That weekend, Pence, who voted no, was at a Boy Scout jamboree at the Henry County Fairgrounds. He was approached by a man who had no scout there but wanted to thank Pence for opposing TARP. The man said that although he had lost his job the day before, "I can get another job but I can't get another country."
Good stuff.


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