Friday, December 24, 2010

A Spencerblog Christmas Not-Too-Exclusive

A four-year-old Chester boy and his two-month-old sister are getting a special visit from Santa Claus this evening thanks to a bunch of local cops touched by their story.

Earlier this month the kids were taken out of their home in Chester while abuse allegations against their parents were being investigated.

On Dec. 12th, a friend of the boys' mother was visiting their home and noticed the four-year-old was badly bruised around the head and the face. According to authorities, both the boy's eyes were blackened and nearly shut from swelling.

The woman convinced the mother to allow her to take child home with her. From there she called 911.

Glenolden police responded to the call and contacted Chester police to investigate further. The boy was questioned at Crozer Chester Medical Center and told police that his stepfather was responsible for his injuries.

After going to the mother's home, Police discovered the two-month-old also had also suffered bruising consistent with a beating.

The two-month old was taken to the hospital, where doctors' discovered he had a broken rib as well as bruises on his forehead.

The stepfather was charged in the beating of the older boy, the other matter is under investigation.

Children and Youth Services placed the children with their paternal grandparents.

Now, the nice part.

Having been moved by the children's situation, Chester police officers Jonathan Ross, Joseph Dougherty and Bill Carey started to take up a collection to make sure they had a decent Christmas this year.

According to one Chester officer, who asked not to be identified, the officers collected more than $1,600 from other cops to buy presents for the kids.

By yesterday, the fourth floor of the station house was inundated with cribs, bicycles, clothes and toys.

"I had to tell them to stop," said one fellow officer. "(I told them) You got too much stuff to put in their homes."

The gifts will be delivered early tonight by Santa (using two pick-up trucks instead of a sleigh). A number of Chester and Glenolden cops will be there too in hopes of making a couple of hard-luck kids happy.

It's that time of year.

UPDATE: Meet Chester police officer Joe Dougherty a.k.a. Santa's elf, just after delivering a load of toys to these two children that would sink a ship.


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