Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Summers Sentenced

I'm just back for Linwood District Court where Kit Summers was formally sentenced after being found guilty last month of disorderly conduct and harassment. The charges were based on a complaint from his neighbor Craig Essick, who claimed Summers threatened him with deadly force.

Summers was charged with making terroristic threats and the lesser charges and hauled off to jail for almost a month.

This morning, DJ David Griffin sentenced Summers to time served, after pointing out that his attempt to have both Summer and Essick enter community mediation to help them get along better didn't work out. He didn't say why, but it was because, despite Griffin's order, Essick refused to show up for it.

In court last month, Essick testified that Summers blocked his way when he attempted to drive away to work in the morning and threatened to get a gun and shoot him. However, there were no witnesses, and no one who lives in the 12th St. Trainer neighborhood seems to believe Essick's story. No fewer than four neighbors said that it was Essick who was the problem person in the neighborhood, not Summers. But none of them could testify in the matter.

Under cross examination Essick's story became confused. At one point he accused Summer's lawyer Ted Hoppe of questioning his honesty. "You're just trying to trip me up," Essick carped.

Despite, Essick's lame testimony, Griffin found Summers guilty of disorderly conduct and harassment.

Hoppe says he's going to appeal the conviction to Media, where he expects the case convictions to be overturned or simply dropped for lack of evidence.

In the meantime, Kit and his neighbors have signed a petition asking Essick's landlords, Helen and Ira Lawrence of Chester, not to renew his lease and testimonials as to why. Most say Essick is confrontational and a "bully."

"All of us who signed below want this guy out of here - we are pleading for you to tell him he has to move. Please help us to make this a better neighborhood."

If he pays his rent on time, I doubt the Lawrences will be disposed to look for another tenant. But you never know.

Here's Kit after the hearing:


Blogger Sam said...

Thank you for being there for Kit.

December 15, 2010 at 11:43 AM 
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