Sunday, February 20, 2011

Job Security?

I can identify but there are such better places to hide. This isn't one of them, as Natalie Munro found out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
There is no such thing as job security! In my job I happened to get my face wet washing commercial food equipment. I was told by management a customer said I blew my nose near the food. I was drying my face on paper toweling.
Then apparently I wasn't quick enough for a couple of customers on the register who complained and same management said there was a concern I was on drugs. Well I am!
Capsule so I don't have another heart attack, baby aspirin and one choleserol pill.
Why are people so quick to assume and why do they look for ideas to get others in trouble. These folks need to slow down and think.
There are good workers out there and they haven't perhaps walked in the workers shoes for a day.
I hope you post this, since I put up with alot of customers whom I hav my own suspitions about, but I am not petty enough to try to ruin their day, job or self esteem.
Regards to those who think before speaking.

February 21, 2011 at 1:13 PM 

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