Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weeping, Puking Bully Arrested in U.D.

The last punk is arrested in bullying case.


Still, this isn't a kidnapping case. And this needs to be said too. Boys will be boys. This is a juvenile case. As bad as the video is, in the end, the victim wasn't injured enough to even require medical treatement. The punks involved are just that, punks. And as offensive as their behavior is, they have been over charged. No doubt that will be taken care of as the case works its way through the juvenile court.

They are, however, where they belong for time being, in the county Juvenile Detention Center.

As for the victim, he seems like a real good kid. He wants to be a Marine when he grows up. I hope all the publicity surrounding this matter, his photo and his name being out there, doesn't make his life extra-difficult in the meantime. Because it could.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Technically its not kidnapping, but was this boy held against his will by 7 bigger n stronger teens? Yes. So maybe you can't call it kidnapping but it was definitely something more then just your average bullying case.Those animals , as they should be called, thought it was so funny to pick on this kid and smack him around n drag him on the ground. They videotaped it all the while laughing like hyenas. Then proceeded to toss this human being in a tree and attempt to hang him from a metal post. If this was your 13 year old boy would you still say boys will be boys.There are kids out there who were bullied so bad they chose to take their own lives rather then deal with the pain and humiliation suffered at the hands of their fellow classmates. Respect needs to be taught at an early age. Respect yourself, eachother and most important respect life. I'm glad they are getting punished and made an example of. I don't wish that they be locked away forever with hardened criminals but I do hope they are held accountable and learn that acting like that is not acceptable. Also a public apology should be made to the victim. Maybe post it on youtube since they love posting things on youtube.

February 3, 2011 at 12:11 PM 

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