Thursday, March 3, 2011

Child Pornographer's Light Sentence

A guy who sexually abused two children, made videos of his crimes, and shared them with others, is looking at a "possible 30-year prison term." Sound like a lot? Not for that crime. Not when just down-loading and viewing kiddie porn can get you 12 1/2 to 25 years.

This guy should get 300 years for his crimes. He should never see the light of day again. And he could. He is 48 years old, he would be released at 78. That's way too soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post to the actual article poses relevant questions:

" Two questions: (1) Why is 'prayers69' allowed to post, particularly the emoticon, and (2) Will the Daily Times get us an answer of why this guy wasn't prosecuted? I join all those who applaud the efforts of DA Michael Green to prosecute child abusers and of his team in finding and publicizing potential child abuse situations. But why was this not a prosecution situation in our County? Hopefully the Times will find out. "

March 4, 2011 at 9:57 PM 

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