Monday, May 16, 2011

Mundy Mundy in S.E. Delco

Southeast Delco School Boarder and Taxpayer Protector Byron Mundy is hoping local voters will think enough of the Mundy name to put another one on S.E. Delco school board.

Eric Mundy, Byron's son, is running to join his father and a few other good men and women to hold down teachers' salaries, benefits and taxes.

Eric, 30, has been teaching math at the prestigious Malvern Prep school for the last five years. No tenure. No baloney. Just a series of one-year contracts.

Normally, when a teacher joins a school board it's to protect his or her brethern in the teachers' union. That doesn't appear to be the case with Eric. His father hasn't endeared himself to local educators. He recently sent out a newsletter listing every teacher's salary in the district. Teachers hate that.

When we did it county-wide a few years ago, the outrage expressed by teachers and their union leaders was almost comical. "How dare local taxpaxers be told what we cost them," was the prevailing attitude.

Good for Byron. Good for Eric. Who better than a teacher who puts his own teaching job on the line every year, to sit across from a union that protects even the worst teachers from being held accountable for their failures in the classroom?


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