Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting Out the Fire With Gasoline

[Posted by Jake]

Like everybody else, our family budget has been challenged by the substantial increase in gas prices. Every time at the pump, I figured the normal price of gas was about $2.50 a gallon and then we are hit with the $1.50 stupidity surcharge for electing an inexperienced community organizer as President.

The contrast has been amazing. Remember how the media regularly flailed President Bush for gas at $3.00 a gallon? All the stories about some poor family that had to sacrifice between eating and commuting to work, blah, blah, blah. Fast forward to today, nary a mention about the hardships that Obama's higher gas prices have caused.

The speculators on oil futures saw unrest in the Mideast, exacerbated by an naive foreign policy, combined with growing economies in India and China, while domestic production was held hostage by the enviroterrorists. Naturally, they bid prices up. But the Mideast has calmed down, the Chinese and Indian economies have cooled off, and domestic demand has dropped. Despite his smug ineptitude, it looked like circumstances had lined up favorably for Obama.

So what does he do? Our resident deep thinker on Pennsylvania Avenue decides this welcome respite from crippling gas prices is a good time to pick a fight with Israel. Yeah, no sense in cutting the American people a break as they move into summer vacation season. Might as well give the oil markets something else to worry about. And consistent with the normal Obama agenda, the hard-working, bill-paying public gets burnt again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the money like always Gil. So glad I got on the internet & the Daily Times today and found the voice of reason that I have missed for twenty two years after moving to South Carolina May you have a long and happy career.Happened to find an old column you wrote about me when Westinghouse closed the other day.Brought back memories.

May 23, 2011 at 7:51 AM 

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