Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Protest Bake-Sale Products Pricey

William Penn School Board Prez Charlotte Hummel led a group to Harrisburg to protest proposed cuts in school funding.
While they were in Harrisburg, Hummel said the group set up a bake sale to demonstrate the amount of money needed for programs. For example, they attempted to sell 24 doughnuts at $23,417 apiece for tutoring programs. They attempted to sell one $150,000 cake, which represented the cost to have lunchroom and recess moderators. The sale also included one $140,000 pie, which represented the cost to save instructional technology.
The bake sale idea has been used before but by conservative activists pointing out the double standard in college admission policies when it comes to race. In those "affirmative action bake-sales" the protestors charged customers less or more for cupcakes based on their race. Whites and Asians were asked to pay more than blacks and Hispanics. This was supposed to show the inherent unfairness and perniciousness of having lower academic and admission standards for blacks and Hispanics.

At least, that sort of bake sale makes the point the protesters want to make about racial double standards. It's hard to figure the point Hummel and her people are trying to make other than that they want hundreds of thousands of dollars for stuff that is actually worth pennies.

I understand one hungry state legislator (believed to be a Democrat) offered the group $75,000 for the aforementioned cake. Fortunately for Pa. taxpayers, he was turned down flat by the activists who held firmly to their protest prices.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Methinks that the $75,000 for the cake could have saved three tutoring programs... So why turn it down? Weren't the three programs important enough to save? Typical: Give me everything I want or else. Hopefully the legislator (believed to be a Democrat)who made the offer learned a valuable lesson that will serve him/her well in the future. At least he/she saved $75,000 in the process...

June 22, 2011 at 7:35 PM 

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