Monday, September 26, 2011

Ending It PRONTO!

PRONTO, the LCB's vending machine answer to selling wine in supermarkets goes the way of New Coke. My goodbye letter to the great, gleaming insult to human liberty and consumerism can be read here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article notes that Simple Brands, PRONTO's creator, wants $81 million for breach of contract. Which means we need a plan. The Johnstown Flood Tax, enacted as a temporary measure in 1936 to provide funds for rebuilding of the Johnstown community, is at a rate of 18% (hidden, of course, not seprately stated like sales tax). Last year it provided over $200 million for the general fund. Which means that sales upon which the 18% was collected were $1,111,111,111 (yup, one billion, one hundered eleven million just to keep it in round numbers.) So our plan is to quietly raise the 18% by an additional 7.2% which will provide about $80 million, enough to pay off Simple Brands in just one year. It can be called a temporary tax (wink-wink). And since the protests will be minimal, and they will die down with three or four weeks, there will be plenty of time for the Legislature to quietly extend the Temporary Simple Brands Tax indefinitely. Darn that's really a great plan, no? Let's get it enacted PRONTO...

September 26, 2011 at 10:24 PM 

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