Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just When I Was Really Happy

(Posted by Dannytheman )

So I was tip toeing through the day singing light ditties after I had heard the fabulous news that Barney Frank was not running for reelection, when out of left field comes this news.
Maxine Waters wants to take his place. What a way to make a mans belly turn over!  That is a major kick in the, uhhhh, you know wheres. 

Waters is wrestling with a long-running ethics investigation over whether she helped secure federal funding for a bank in which her husband owned stock and previously served as a board member. Waters has maintained her innocence, and two attorneys on the House ethics committee were placed on leave for mishandling the case. An outside attorney is now investigating the matter.

"They're going to go with people who are universally respected," said the financial executive. But a trade group president and former Hill staffer believed the top spot is Waters's to lose. This source pointed out that Waters brings geographical and racial diversity to the committee.

Jumping over Waters to another Democrat would also be a headache for Democratic leaders because it would risk angering the Congressional Black Caucus.


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