Monday, May 14, 2012

No Stunning Developments in Colwyn

Doesn't sound like there had been much progress in the police and political situation in Colwyn since I left town.

Mayor Dan Rutland is once again declaring a "state of emergency" and refusing to schedule officers for work who are under investigation for the now famous tazing of a 17-year-old prisoner. He has also attempted to promote the "whistle-blowing" officer Wesley Seitz to acting chief.

This is over the top.

The only officer who needs to be suspended right now is Trevor Parham, the alleged tazer. There is no reason the others - including the current acting chief, Wendell Reed - can't be working, as long as they are cooperating with the investigation into the matter.

If anyone else needs to be disciplined for their conduct in the incident that can be done later.

The council has already voted on the matter and decided to keep Reed in place for the time being.

Colwyn may be screwed up politically but it's no Banana Republic. It shouldn't be run like one.


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