Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hillary Ledbetter

[Posted By Jake]

Once you get past the Libya lie and CNN Candy's complicity in legitimizing that lie, it was quite remarkable that the main talking point after the second Presidential debate was Governor Romney's use of a "binder" in his recruitment of women to serve in Massachusetts state government. Why did all those deep thinkers in the media focus on the trivial and miss the instructive connection between the Libya and women's pay debate questions?

Even esteemed Daily Times Editor, Phil Heron, felt compelled to regurgitate the disingenuous Democratic spin while failing to mention that men in the Obama administration are compensated 18% more than women in the same position, and that Massachusetts under Romney was recognized for employing more woman in more senior positions than any other state.

Left unsaid in the binder meme was crazy Joe Biden's assertion one week earlier in the Vice-Presidential debate, between his snorts, guffaws and other rude noises, that State Department intelligence failed to advise the White House that this was an act of terror. This followed weeks of Obama excuses, apologizing for a 13-minute YouTube video that no one saw, and ignoring the late Ambassador Stevens' pleas for more security at the Benghazi consulate.

The net effect of Biden's and Obama's misrepresentations is to throw Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, under the bus. How can any responsible analysis of the debates ignore this public humiliation of Hillary? Hasn't this poor woman suffered enough? Why do these politically ambitious liars keep dumping on her? No matter how much you disagree with her politics, you have to admire her fortitude.

It's apparent today's journalists haved turned into partisan cheerleaders when Governor Romney's commitment to equality is nitpicked over a "binder", while Obama and Biden impugn the reputation of their highest-ranking female Cabinet officer without question or consequence. America is much better served with Romney walking the walk rather than Obama talking the talk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking the talk is all that Obama has done and all that we can expect if he is reelected. As you point out, the President and the Vice President were willing to throw Mrs. Secretary Clinton under the bus. This is the same President who was willing as a candidate in Scranton PA to throw his Grandmother under the bus. When we look at the deficit that he has gathered, and when we look at his empty promises, it is clear that anyone who votes for another four years is saying "Throw the entire country under the bus."

October 21, 2012 at 9:08 PM 

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