Friday, October 26, 2012

Home State Blues: Liberalism's Wrecking Ball

All you have to do to see where liberal social and government policies lead is look at our most liberal states, New York, California and Illinois. They are fiscal and social basket cases, as Yale's Walter Russell Mead and a few others have noticed:

Illinois politicians, including the present President of the United States, have wrecked one of the country’s potentially most prosperous and dynamic states, condemned millions of poor children to substandard education, failed to maintain vital infrastructure, choked business development and growth through unsustainable tax and regulatory policies — and still failed to appease the demands of the public sector unions and fee-seeking Wall Street crony capitalists who make billions off the state’s distress.
 Read it all here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, you're saying that politicians who call themselves "liberal" do not, when elected, advance the cause of liberalism? Or are you saying that liberal ideals themselves are inappropriate?

I always thought that people, whether dems or reps, often try to help other people. It's not a trait specific to liberals nor lacking in conservatives.

My understanding is that a conservative just chooses, more often, to limit the scope and cost of government. There really is no fundamental problem with either liberals or conservatives. They simply draw the line of goverment size and mission differently.

Mike Farrell

October 27, 2012 at 3:20 AM 

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