Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cutting Through the PC BS

Best argument yet against women in combat comes from a cool babe quoting her "man-friend," who been to war and knows what he's talking about.

Here's a taste of what he tell's his gal pal:
And this is about standards and what it takes to fight and win the nation’s wars,  in the heat of battle, when we are locked in the fight to the death in the last hundred yards of territory, my physical strength and my size will allow me to carry heavy loads of ammunition hour after hour, up mountains and through cities without injury.  I have thicker bones, and bigger muscles and the ability to carry heavier loads greater distances than any female Olympic athlete, triathlon competitor, or farm girl.  And that ability  to have that with my physical size and strength will truly mean life or death; not only for me, but for my friends.  Me having stronger ligaments and tendons means less possibility of  non-combat injuries before encountering enemy forces.  Hand to hand fighting requires physical strength and muscle mass that absolutely will mean life or death not only for me, but for my friends fighting alongside. The small unit battles that are becoming the norm on the battlefield will be won by strong men with muscles who are closing with their enemies and destroying them, most of the time with rifles and machine-guns, but sometimes they will have to do this with knives, fists, feet, hands, clubs, rocks or whatever they can lay their hands on. Ask the Soldiers and Marines who fought insurgents in the city of Fallujah how close, dirty and violent Infantry combat can be.   Those libturds should sit down with British Soldiers who fixed bayonets and fought house to house in Basra and ask them about the degree of physical difficulty and bloody violence their job involves. And then after listening to them, they could explain their theories on how gender-norming the standards and allowing women with less physical strength, but who are really better at communicating than men should be assigned to units that conduct combat missions to kill or capture our enemies because it’s a great idea whose time has come.
And it ends with:
And call me old fashioned, but I thought I signed up and fought so that women wouldn’t have to fight.  I would rather you not have to crush yourself physically to be able to do what I do as normal and I am not afraid to say that I like things a bit more traditional.  I wouldn’t wish on you the things I have had to see and do in 14 lifetimes during my military career. 
It's this that wins her and her heart. As well it should.

Read it all.


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