Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If It Moves, Tax It!

First, Gerard Depardieu announces he's leaving France because of a proposed 75 percent "supertax." He is now a Russia citizen, where the top tax rate is 13 percent.

The former French president Nicholas Sarkozy says he thinking of moving to London to escape French taxes.

Now pro golfer Phil Mickelson said he's thinking of moving out of California because of the new state tax that brings his total tax bill to between 62 and 63 percent.

At least Mickelson has apologized for bringing up the subject after last week's event in Palm Springs.
Finances and taxes are a personal matter, and I should not have made my opinions on them public. I apologize to those I have upset or insulted, and assure you I intend not to let it happen again.”
It is unseemly for multi-millionaires to complain about their tax bills. So let me do it for them.

Tax rates that take more than half of what any man or women earns are confiscatory and inherently unjust. Not only that, they are stupid. They chase productive people to other states and other lands. The problem here isn't selfish individuals, it's Jabba the Hut government; disgustingly fat, greedy and powerful.

Pretty soon California is going to have to put a barbed-wire fence; not to keep illegal aliens out, but to keep it's millionaires in. And all to pay for the public employee unions, who bought the state's (and other states') politicians years ago.


Blogger Dannytheman said...

What I liked more was Tiger Woods coming to his rescue and admitting he fled to Florida because of high taxes.

The real rich people, and I don't know where that number truly is, have no trouble living where ever the taxes are best for them.

When NY city raised taxes, many big money folks, rented their condo and moved to a State with zero income tax. They just make sure they only visit the state for the less than 6 months a year that keeps you safe.

Add to that what you can do via computer these days and working from home has never been simpler for the business man and woman.

I see nothing but trouble for "progressive" States like Illinois, New York and especially California. I will also have a major FIT if the Fed bails their sorry ass out.

January 24, 2013 at 7:48 AM 

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