Friday, October 19, 2007

Going Once for $2.1 Million, Going Twice...

The latest bid for the famous Sen. Harry Reid letter to Rush Limbaugh is an incredible $2.1 million with all proceeds to benefit the Marines Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

The now famous apology-demanding letter disingenously denounces Limbaugh for smearing U.S. troops. But Limbaugh is getting the last laugh. Just another example of political jujitsu, taking an offensive move by your opponents and deftly turning it against them.

Reid and his fellows Democratic senators are on the mat wondering how they got there.

I am not a huge Rush Limbaugh fan but you've got to give the guy credit. Pretty clever.


Anonymous randal said...

The poor petty LibDems, getting burned at every turn…
So far all we’ve gotten for the “silly message sent to Bush about the war” last Fall is a bunch of angry Lib undermining and obstruction and treason, non-binding resolutions designed to embarrass and score cheap political points, along with the implementation of their destructive domestic agenda. Meanwhile the war rages on. Nice work, idiots.
I wonder if that’s all part of the ‘new climate of bipartisan unity’ they promised they’d bring to Washington if elected when they were campaigning?

October 19, 2007 at 11:50 AM 

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