Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cuddly Gnut Grows Up

Kid: "My, what big teeth you have, Gnut."

Gnut: "The better to explain the threat global warming poses to my species."

(Scroll down for photos.)


Anonymous randal said...

Lying Liberal Enviro Activist 1: Hmm, how can we brainwash children into believing all our shrill global warming hype? We need to get them onboard so they can pressure their parents while creating the next generation of shrill Lib Enviro Activists.

LLEA2: Hey, maybe if we seize on cute and cuddy imagery we’ll get their attention! Kids love cute and cuddly.

LLEA1: Yeah, now let’s see, what could we use that’s cute and cuddly that kids like but is still unfamiliar enough that they’ll believe anything we tell them…?

LLEA2: Well, kids like stuffed animals. And they’re cute and cuddly.

LLEA1: That’s it! Brilliant! We’ll tell them that all the cute and cuddly polar bears are going to fall off the ice and die if their parents don’t buy carbon credits!

LLEA2: Hey, one was just born, rejected by its mother. It’s in all the headlines.

LLEA1: Great! Now, let’s get one of our buddies to threaten its life, that should drum up some sympathy for it and all polar bears!

One year later…

LLEA1: Dammit! Our cute little global warming teddy bear just attacked a kid in the zoo! Now they’re not going to be viewed as sympathetic and sway children with their cute and cuddliness.

LLEA2: Yeah, why the hell did our fellow Lib buddies in the Media have to go and publish that picture? Don’t they know kids could see that? Now we’re gonna have to find something else to use to brainwash the kids.

LLEA1: Hey, maybe we can spin it as being due to global warming?

LLEA2: Yeah! Gnut went mad because his natural habitat is being threatened by global warming!

LLEA1: Brilliant! I’ll call the papers.

March 4, 2008 at 10:46 AM 

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