Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pinning the Flag on the Donkey

Richard Cohen finds Obama's greatest appeal: His lack of a flag pin.

Money Q:

"Sometimes I think the best thing about Barack Obama is that little empty space on his lapel. It is where other politicians wear their American flag pin, a kitschy piece of empty symbolism that tells you nothing about that particular person except that he or she thinks like everyone else. Obama's flag, invisible to the naked eye, is the Jolly Roger of a politician thinking for himself."

I'm thinking Richard doesn't wear a flag pin himself. Fine, neither do I. But does the presence of a flag pin actually mean that the wearer thinks "like everyone else"?

Could it be that the people who are offended by the sight of flag pins like to think they're better than everyone else because they "think for themselves?" (Even as they run with the herd of independent minds.)

And what about the presence of six or seven actual American flags in the background when Obama gave his famous speech on race after being embarrassed by his Rev? What emptiness does Jolly Richard believe they symbolized?


Anonymous randal said...

Leave it to the LibDems to try and dumb this down and oversimplify it for their simpleton followers. The Lying Left well knows that this is not about flag pins any more than Slick Willie’s impeachment was about a BJ. It’s about showing patriotism. And once one adds up all the Obama anti-patriotism gaffs, a larger pictures starts to emerge. So this is a legitimate piece of that puzzle as we get to know this guy –running for President of the United States no less!- that few really do yet.

For those who are so in a rush to dismiss such symbolism as meaningless, how eager do you suppose these same people would be if a white candidate wore, say, a Stars and Bars pin? Suddenly such silly symbolism would matter greatly and we'd never hear the end of it. Just as we'd never hear the end of it if a white candidate had attended a white supremacist church for 20 years.

The Left is lying to you in defense of their Black Candidate.

May 6, 2008 at 10:32 AM 
Anonymous randal said...

I see that the Muslim Candidate of the Hate America First Left has decided to start wearing a flag lapel pin after all. Good for him for finally seeing the light of feigning patriotism in an effort to gain votes.
See, it never was about wearing the pin; it was about his refusal to. And after months of saying how a silly pin didn’t matter, now he can silence his critics and say, “See, see how patriotic I am. That I am wearing this pin is proof!”

Now, if he can only come up with a “I don’t hate whitey like Reverend Wright” pin…

May 14, 2008 at 11:57 AM 

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